Coffee Bandit's Revolving Jail Door

Jeremy Don Irvin, the now infamous convenience store robber who throws hot coffee in the clerk's face before grabbing money from the cash register, is no stranger to trouble. To coin a phrase: "he has a rap sheet a mile long."

Notwithstanding, he managed to be arrested twice since last December, for robbing convenience stores with hot coffee. Both times, he was allowed to post bond and walk out a free man.

Irvin's first conviction, for burglary, came just two months after his 19th birthday on November 1, 1996. Since then, he has been arrested and convicted of a variety of crimes ranging from possession of marijuana and DWI to credit card abuse.

On November 19, 2006, according to court documents, Irvin began his coffee-crime spree when he robbed a 7-11 in Coppell. According to police, his take was about $40 in cash.

Later that month, on November 29, he robbed a Tetco in North Dallas using the same method--making off with an undetermined amount of cash.

Coppell police quickly identified him from surveillance video and the license plate on his Toyota Corolla: 196-NYJ.

On December 6, he was arrested and taken to the Dallas County Jail. Three days later, he walked out after posting a $25,000 bond.

Dallas Police, meanwhile, identified Irvin in the subsequent robbery and put out a warrant. Irvin was captured in late January and hauled in to the Denton County Jail.

After another hearing, Irvin was granted another opportunity to post bond. This time, for his second robbery, it was only $10,000.

Again he walked free.

Why this is, we've been unable to determine for certain.

Irvin has several warrants out for his arrest in Dallas and Collin County for doing what he apparently does best.

One thing is for certain, he's unlikely to walk free again for awhile. Judge Lena Levario, today, revoked his bond. This time, when he's caught, he'll stay in jail until his numerous trials are over.

The Dallas County Judicial System / Coffee Bandit

Coffee Bandit VERY Lucky

1.) The Coffee Bandit is VERY fortunate to have survived injury or death as a result of his earlier and current crime sprees. Most convenience store management officials limit the "depth" of self-protection afforded their at-risk employees. Otherwise, the Bandit could have been facing a funeral instead of ANOTHER trial.

2.) The Coffee Bandit is VERY fortunate to benefit from a liberal court - bail system as afforded in Dallas and nearby counties.

3.) The Coffee Bandit "COULD", once again, benefit by jail overcrowding and be released pending another trial (months from now).

4.) AND, the Coffee Bandit has benefited from ongoing Voter Apathy which is exhibited by very low voter turnout during local, county, state, and federal elections.

Not Convicted!

From what I've read, he has not been found guilty of any crimes.

Almost anyone who is arrested can get out on bond if the amount is paid.

If he is guilty, he should pay the price, but perhaps that should be getting drug rehab if he was on drugs at the time and is addicted to drugs rather than a long jail sentence where there probably is no rehabilitation.

[Ed Note: Well, that's not entirely correct. A judge can deny or revoke bail to someone who is likely to flee or commit the same crime over-and-over. For instance, do you remember this guy? This is a guy who you didn't want walking out of jail because you knew he'd kill again-and-again.

Our "Coffee Bandit" had a long history of arrests for the same crime, and you wouldn't want him on the streets until a trial court put him away (if he actually showed up for trial). It's true he hasn't had his day in court, and the jury may find him "not guilty" on the dozens of counts. They may discount the video evidence. They may not believe he actually drove the car he owned.

Quite frankly, however, there are probably a number of convenience store owners and clerks who are glad he has a nice, drug-free environment where he can wait for his numerous trials!