Lies My Mayor Told Me

by Jim Schutze of the Dallas Observer

How does Craig Holcomb and company keep getting away with putting-forth this idea that "if we don't build this tollroad, we lose $1 Billion dollars?"

Who says?

We haven't been able to get a straight answer on that one.

Jim Schutze observes: "The total cost of the road keeps flying all over the place. First it was $600 million. Then it went to a billion. A month ago the city said it was $1.2 billion. Later they said $1.3 billion. In a more recent debate Leppert said $1.4 billion. In Lindenberger’s story, the cost was back down to $1.2 billion."

Further: maybe somebody should point out that it might be better to lose $1 Billion, $5 Billion or $10 Billion rather than to do the wrong thing with it?

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[Ed Note: No, Jim, we're still not talking.]