BRAT Crimes and Life Quality in Dallas

Depending on the news outlet, Dallas has a "skyrocketing" murder rate. Murders “shot up 108%” in July as compared to a year earlier as 529 of us found doom at the hands of a criminal. Out of a population of 1.3 million Dallasites, however, the number is comparatively small. This certainly is not intended to minimize the horror of these crimes. Victims, their families, and friends are all deeply affected. While there are obviously horrible crimes, that garner much attention, there are other crimes committed on a daily basis that never make the news.

While most of us have not been murder victims, it is likely that most of us have been the victim of a burglary, a robbery, an assault or a theft--hence our acronym: "BRAT." It could be argued that these crimes deeply affect everything from our overall safety, to property values, and perhaps even our ability to find affordable food nearby. 

BRAT Crimes in Dallas 2015-2019