Apartment Tax Visualization Tool

Do you rent an apartment in Dallas? How much of your rent goes toward local taxes? Bet you never thought about it!

This is an early release (beta test) of the Apartment Tax Visualization Tool for renters. Renters, you say? Yes! Apartment renters are usually unaware of the tax impact on the rent they pay. In fact, renters tend to pay more tax on smaller square footages than homeowners.

Some apartment complexes pay millions of dollars, each year, in taxes. Most renters pay thousands of their rent dollars toward these taxes. These dollars go unnoticed because it is included in the rent you pay. When property tax rates are increased, bonds are passed, or the apartment complex increases in value, these numbers increase--along with the rent.

To see how much of your rent goes to city, county, school district (and other) property taxes, select your apartment property and follow the instructions.