Just Vote No. Trust me. Vote No.

(Adapted from my Facebook post)

The Dallas Morning News posted an editorial calling for board members to just step aside and let Dallas voters approve a property tax increase to burn more money on DISD's pyres.

No. Guys. I don't want to get back into Dallas.Org'ing again so I'm just going to offer my advice: vote NO.

Whatever they come up with just vote "no". The District is rolling in revenue if they would just make better use of it. I looked at multiple facets of DISD's cash problem about 3 years ago and it almost sucked me back into the fracas. No. I'm not getting back in. It's somebody else's problem now but the problem is NOT a lack of revenue.

DISD's problem in a nutshell: it is in a period of retrenchment without the impetus to retool the operational model. If we simply throw money at them, we're just fueling administrative mediocrity no matter how they spin the benefits. You can't solve operational problems by just throwing money.

I love Dr. Hinojosa. Brilliant educator. Great guy. He needs to retool the organization though and the best thing to drive that would be budget cuts. We, as taxpayers, don't have the ability to affect this. The best we can do is lock in the revenue and hope the expense side rises.

So, no. I know it feels really good to throw money at education because we believe it's going to help. In reality it is just making things worse.

No. Just. No.