Even After Arrests Fight Video Gang Still Making Money

Agg Townz FightsEven after a 6th suspect was arrested by Arlington Police in connection with the brutal "Agg Townz Fights" video that left a 16-year old seriously injured, the gang that produced the is apparently still profiting from its sale.  The only difference: they've raised the price to $20 from the $15 it sold for before the arrests and national publicity.

The videos can be ordered by simply visiting www.aggtownzfights.com.  According to an Internet registrar search at GoDaddy.Com, the site is owned by Mike Jack--an alias for 18-year-old Michael G. Jackson who police maintain is Agg Townz Fights' ringleader.

In addition to selling the videos, Jackson continues to maintain a high profile on his website at MySpace.Com.

The Agg Townz Fights videos depict mostly teenagers engaging in brawls.  Voluntarily.

However, some of the fights spilled over into a busy street and a local fast-food restaurant.

Kevin Walker, a 16-year old participant, was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage after a beating he received at his Arlington home.  His beating was captured on one of the videos.

One of the (many) controversies that has arisen out of the videotaped beatings is the role that KKDA-FM (104.5) staffmembers played in it's promotion--or not.  According to a story in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, KKDA program director Skip Cheatham was shown on the video and appeared to be promoting it.

"Agg Town Fight Party 2," Cheatham was heard saying, "it's going down!"

Station jock Cat Daddy delivered an endorsement laced with profanity with a K104 van in the background.

According to station executives, neither Cheatham nor Cat Daddy knew the subject of the Agg Townz Fight videos.

But it does not explain why KKDA was so slow to respond in denouncing the fights.  It also doesn't explain radio station officials were promoting (or "plugging") videos without knowledge of the content.

Further, when the station finally did speak out, it was to attack Arlington Police.

Station manager Ken Dowe [ed note: we really miss Granny, Ken!] said the station will aggressively act to put an end to the fight videos.  Dowe also said the station would sue to stop the sale.

Apparently, though, both KKDA and the Arlington Police have missed the mark on this one.