DART Crime Stats Have Arrived

Here's a nice piece of news for you straight from the unreported DART crime stats, which is a direct violation of Federal law. What I find ironic is that two of the most highly touted rail stations are two of the most dangerous places to be on the DART rail. I'm surprised that the West End merchants have begun to apply pressure to DART to hire more officers and step up enforcement at the West End./

I've been told by a Dallas police officer that there are portions of the DART rail that they aren't comforable riding, espeically after dark and they're armed! Crimes at the rail stations acccount for 73.63% of all crime on DART. The data here comes from 2005. I'll be publishing previous years as soon as I finish sifting through it.

The most dangerous rail stations:


1) West End
2) City Place
3) Ledbetter

Crimes Against Persons (For the uninitiated this is assault, aggravated assault, rape, etc.)

1) Ledbetter
2) City Place
3) Park Lane

Crimes Against Property (For the uninitiated this includes car burgulary, vandalism, etc.)

1) Ledbetter
2) Parker Road
3) Illinois

General Incidents (Things like urinating in public, suspicious person, etc.)

1) West End
2) City Place
3) Ledbetter

DART Crime Stats By City

Addison - 26
Carrollton - 20
Cockerll Hill - 3
Dallas - 3305
Farmers Branch - 3
Garland - 170
Glenn Heights - 6
Higland Park - 0
Irving - 94
Plano - 151
Richardson - 156
Rowlett - 1
University Park - 0
Fort Worth - 5
Richland Hills - 0