DISD: No Mas Ingles

Imagine my surprise. Just when I think it's safe to drive down the street again in DISD, I drive by this:Signs in Espanol solamente (Spanish-only)?What about the Ingles (English) subtitles? Ingles? Dallas? Texas? We don't need no stinkin' Ingles here no mas! We're a bilingual district now! But, I did a little more driving around to see if somebody was just trying to prove a political point--and accidentally stumbled on to what I think could pan out to really be something... Say que? Alumnos? How about the estudiantes (yes, friends, I know--I'm just being sarcastic)? And what about the English-speaking students? Oh, I get it, they're just trying to be confusing.What's going on here? "NO HaBRa CLaEs?" Say Que? But then I drove by Reinhart Elementary and I figured it all out. See, what I haven't told you is that the otro lado de la marquesina hay... er... sorry, "the other side of the marquee" has the English translation of the District's new apparent primary language. The other side of Reinharts sign, for instance, tells the English-speaking students that classes start on August 27 (even though this side talks about summer school).There's a conspiracy here. I can feel it!By the way, does anyone know how to spell Dallas.Org in Espanol?And in case anyone missed it, Robert Guest wrote an absolutely hilarious tongue-in-cheek article on picking a public school in Dallas . Everyone enjoy the first week of escuela!