"Vote No" Wins ... And Loses


Proposition 1, the special election brought about by lone Dallas City Council member Angela Hunt fell 4,640 votes from passing in an election where 79,918 (about 15% of the voters in Dallas) cast a ballot.

But the "Vote No" folks might want to consider holding off on the celebration just yet.

Is this our picnic photo?

Virtually every elected official in city, county, state and national politics endorsed the "Vote No" campaign. After more than $1M spent by the "Vote No" side, 42,279 agreed for various reasons. Perhaps they liked Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert's arguments for it.

Perhaps some agreed with various council members' (or a city staff member's) sales pitches. Perhaps some were wooed by clever rap songs or impressive ads.

Whatever the reason, 42,279 agreed with one or more of you.

37,639 (or 47%), however, didn't disagree with some of you--they disagreed with all of you.

Council members, county commissioners, judges, senators, representatives; all of you.

Some folks should be more worried than others.

There are several city council members who should spend a little time scrutinizing this map. Perhaps a U.S. Representative or two should spend a little time there too.

A 5% overall margin wouldn't do much for my confidence, were I an elected official in this town--and wishing to remain one.

So what's next?

Mayor Leppert has his work cut out for him. He made a tremendous number of promises to the voters who saw things his way. He promised a world-class park that won't be negatively impacted by a tollroad.

He promised a vibrant downtown area.

He promised (let's bring the whole council in here) "no new taxes."

Those were some big promises. The question is: can he (they) deliver them?

Angela Hunt will be watching.

We'll be watching--and so will 42,279 others.