LIVE BLOG: DISD Board Meeting 5/22/08

FIREWORKS! Argument going on between Carla Ranger, Jack Lowe and Nancy Bingham over the creation of a policy committee.]


Way to go National Champions Marsh Middle School Matadores!!

It's 5:36 and we're swearing in the newly re-elected Jack Lowe, Carla Ranger and Adam Medrano.

Judge Roy White is administering the oath of office one by one. First up, Carla Ranger followed by Jack Lowe. Medrano, however, was sworn in by someone else! Wonder what the story is there?

It's 5:43, and the newly sworn trustees are signing their contracts. "I think they got an increase," commented Lew Blackburn (DISD trustees are volunteers and not paid--officially, anyhow)!

Another issue that will come up later is electing officers for the Board. Will there be challenges to Lowe's current position as president?

It's 5:50 and the newly-sworn trustees are offering their thanks and praise to those who helped get them re-elected--and other things.

Next up will be the election of officers. Positions are president, 1st and 2nd vice presidents and secretary.

Ranger offers a point-of-order and proposed that the election of officers be postponed for one month. Nobody seconded it, so we're going forward with the election of officers.

Ron Price nominated Medrano for president. Lew Blackburn was nominated. Jack Lowe was nominated. Voting for Adam Medrano: Price and Medrano. Voting for Blackburn: Price, Blackburn, Medrano and Ranger. Voting for Jack Lowe: everybody else--so 5 votes and Jack wins!

Uh oh, for 1st vice president it is Ron Price versus Lew Blackburn. Each gets 4 votes at first so we're doing it again. This time, Price wins by majority.

Jerome Garza wins 2nd V.P. and Adam Medrano is secretary by default (no other nominations). "Looks good for you Adam," remarked Jack Lowe.

5:59 and it's the Superintendent's report. Subject: training and supporting principals to become instructional leaders.

By the way, the DISD website appears to be down and has been down pretty much all day. Somebody needs to fix it, eh? (UPDATE: It appears to be specific to Macs. Somebody needs to check it, eh?)

6:05 and Ron Price is giving the education committee's report. However, Price prefaced his report by saying that he would have some "comments" on the Board President. He is withholding his comments until the end of the meeting to "save our children's ears!"

So I guess we're going to cover the Board meeting and get to the White Rock Lake meeting a little late!

Two teachers are being honored as teacher of the year! They're going to get (drum roll) a pair of new Mercedes Benz automobiles to drive for the summer.

The only problem is they have to give them back, eh?

Standing ovations!

Next up--the South Oak Cliff boys basketball team. They are 4A State Champions!!! Four years in a row!!! Way to go guys!

Price chimes in to slam the news media and congratulate the players.

"Keep God first, keep your faith and know that Ron Price has got your back." Yeah, they'll take great comfort in knowing that. Too bad Price didn't say that in Spanish, eh?

[Watch the original "Oh?" video here.]

6:40 and we're still handing out resolutions. The Lincoln High School girls basketball team is getting an award. Not only did they get sports accolades, according to the coach, many of them got academic recognition as well.

"This group of young ladies exemplifies what it means to be state champions," said their principal.

Next up, the Dallas Skyline High School girls track team. Ron Price added: "they're not only good athletes, they're beautiful women too!" Price also commented that the girls are academically talented.

It's 6:55 and there is a 3" stack of resolutions yet to go.

7:05 - Hold that thought. We're on to the last resolution. It's the corps of cadets getting an award for national drill team champions.

7:15 - We blew through the speaker to agenda items and now it's on to the other items on the consent agenda.

Ranger, again, pulls the minutes from the consent agenda. But it, like the consent agenda, passes unanimously.

One item pulled for separate vote deals with false accusations by kids against faculty or staff.

Currently, there are no consequences for a false accusation. Lew Blackburn is talking about reminding staff that they can file charges against a student for a false accusation.

Blackburn also wants to strengthen the code of conduct but wants to toughen restrictions against students taping "disruptive" situations for posting on the internet.

Yes, heaven forbid we should show fights and other problem behavior! Somebody might take note, eh?

Ron Price is commenting and is for disciplining the child. Price noted that people don't remember the good things someone did for 30 years, but they remember the one false accusation.

But Price is advocating putting "teeth" in the policy.

Carla Ranger is getting into the "ethics policy" issue! Price's comments are coming up, we're sure!

Nancy Bingham pointed out that a committee was proposed to deal with the issue and that Carla Ranger turned down the offer to chair it!

Ranger says the committee was illegally formed. Lowe says he (Lowe) proposed the committee.

Ron Price is on a roll. He's starting in on the presidency indicating that the Board should be chaired by someone with no conflicts of interests--"someone who hasn't had to abstain on votes because of conflicts of interests."

Now there's finger pointing! This is getting good!

Garza: "point of order" - The crowd is not pleased.

Lowe notes that the policy being discussed, by Ranger, is not on the agenda.

Price kicks in and says he wants to get the ethics policy revised by the end of June and the discussion dies.

7:39 - On to the speakers on non-agenda items. I think we'll sneak out and go to White Rock.