Dallas ISD Pay Cuts and Pay Freezes

The sheer notion that the Dallas ISD would ask voters to approve a $1 billion dollar plus bond package for new schools and then turn around and say we don't have enough money to pay our most experienced teachers and our support professionals is absolutely ludicrous! The Dallas ISD also is proud to pound their chest about the number of "Exemplary" and "Recognized" schools going up. Well, ladies and gentlemen, who made that possible?

Seems that the people in the schools and the classrooms EVERY day should be the ones to be rewarded. In this convuluted system, however, seems that they are the ones who will NOT receive the reward. Experienced teachers will lose up to $5000 from their salaries next year (and they've already signed their contracts!) and the people who make sure the schools run and our chidren are fed won't receive a salary step. All of this from an Administration and a Board who wants the Dallas ISD to be the "Best Urban School District by 2010".

NEA-Dallas is asking every teacher who receives Longevity Pay and every Support Employee who will not receive a salary step under this dastardly proposal to participate in our 4-Step Plan to "Save Your Salary"! Step one is to write an old-fashioned letter to the Trustees. Step Two is to email the Trustees. Step Three is to call the Trustees. And, Step Four is to join us in picketing the Dallas ISD Administration Building for the Board Briefings on June 12 and the Board meeting on June 26.

To receive more information on how to get involved and show the Trustees and the Administration that they all won't be off on vacation "at Padre", all anyone has to do is call the NEA-Dallas offices at 214-821-2061.