The Story Ends at Prison for Shannon DeMerse

The saga of Dallas City Council member Dave Neumann's former bookkeeper has ended, for now, at a Texas Prison.

Shannon Demerse has been assigned to the Plane-Henley complex Northeast of Houston. According to the Texas Department of Corrections, Demerse is eligible for parole in June, 2012, but not expected to be released until July, 2016.

Demerse pleaded guilty to felony theft, last year, and accepted 12 years in prison after stealing millions from Neumann's ex-wife's company, Ivy Jane, over the course of several years.

The thefts went un-noticed by Neumann.

Neumann and his wife divorced in early 2010.

In 2010, Neumann received a $2.8 million dollar judgment against DeMerse in a civil trial.

DeMerse apparently stole the money from Neumann in an elaborate scheme involving altered financial documents and fake bank accounts. According to records, DeMerse was able to steal over 70% of the company's annual profits while avoiding detection by Neumann.

DeMerse used the stolen money, in part, to fund the Darling Dolls of America children's beauty pageant.

We reported on the Neumann/DeMerse affair last year.