Students Brawl At Madison High School

Are DISD officials doing enough to ensure the schools are safe?

For several weeks, we've been getting emails with teasers like "fights are a daily routine at James Madison High School," etc. We've generally responded with: "where is the proof?"

A student was kind enough to capture footage of a fight which occurred yesterday morning at Madison High School right in front of the Youth Action Center.

The person providing the video claims that the individual seen standing on the staircase, in the background, looking on is an assistant principal. The District disputes those claims (see official statement below).

DISD Spokesman Jon Dahlander sent us the following:

Hi Allen,

I have reviewed the video with the principal from Madison. According to
her, the individual standing on the stairway is a student, not an
assistant principal. The altercation was broken up as quickly as possible
by an assistant principal and security officer. The students involved have
been disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct.


Jon Dahlander
Dallas ISD

The video, which appears to have begun by taping the fight in progress, does not appear to show adults breaking up the fight--though it is certainly a possibility given the quality.

Did you witness this fight? Have you witnessed other fights at DISD schools? If so, do you have video?

So the question still stands? Are DISD officials doing their best to ensure safe schools?