Old Dallas Police Cars Find Second Lives In Amsterdam

Ever wonder what happened to some of Dallas' old squad cars--like the 1992 Chevy Caprice for instance?

We bet "party car" would be toward the last of your list of guesses!

If you ever find you ever find yourself in Amsterdam needing a cool ride to a party, you can rent the real thing complete with a driver in a Dallas Police Uniform.

Depending on how much you want to spend, we're told these guys will even handcuff you, throw you in the back seat and drive you to your gig with lights and siren blaring!

The firm advertises the experience as a "flashy, deafening, unforgettable experience" in the style of a big U.S. police department.

The cars are billed as "tough, stylish, individual, crazy, big, striking" and, of course, "American!"

So maybe it wasn't exactly what the city had in mind when they sold 'em, but the Dutch sure seem to like them!

We're told that more information will be available soon!